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The dreams, thoughts and lustful addictions of a Slutty TV. This is where my kinky, lusty thoughts will be made into text and captioned images that I hope others of a like mind will enjoy.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Slob to Slut

Dave was living with his girlfriend and didn't have (or want) a job. He also tended to treat his girlfriend like crap, being a complete slob and never being appreciative of her. Dave and Barb had a big fight the night before, he told her she never was good in bed, she should be more of a slut in bed, like real women are. Things got worse from there, she let to go to a girlfriends to cool down and Dave watched the game. Barb came back later and offered Dave some wine she got from her girlfriend as a makeup offering. Dave thought, great, some wine and then some fantastic fucking afterward. She smiled as he drank the wine and invited him to the spare room, where they had wild sex sometimes with the 'toys' in the room. As Dave got to the room, he felt very sleepy, and Barb helped him into bed and said she'd talk tommorrow. Some very strange dreams started as Dave fell into a deep sleep. The last though he had was that the wine must had been strong from that witch friend's of Barb's.


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