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The dreams, thoughts and lustful addictions of a Slutty TV. This is where my kinky, lusty thoughts will be made into text and captioned images that I hope others of a like mind will enjoy.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year

Hello all,

My wishes to you and yours for the great holiday season and a happy New Year. I'm working on several new postings made of pics I've gathered to be published in the first week of the New Year to start it off with a 'bang' of sorts I suppose.

Until then, have fun, make merry and don't do anything I wouldn't do (which means you can do most anything).

Kisses in all the best places,

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Friday, December 3, 2010

It will all work out for the best

Jason was a sales guy who really liked porn, kinda kinky porn at that. He had recently lost his job selling computer servers and storage arrays because he was caught using his work PC for transsexual porn. Well, he really caught himself, the picture of cute shemale Kimber James getting her ass pussy pumped by a guy as his PC wallpaper when the PC booted up at a clients got a lot of comments, not many good ones.

Jason was looking at the papers for another sales job and making calls at the apartment Mark and he shared. That afternoon Jason got tired of making calls and decided to use Mark's PC (his company took back the one he had) to take a quick look at some 'cool' pictures. Jason took his look, and didn't clean up his 'tracks' well. When Mark came back to the apartment with his girlfriend she wanted to use the computer to check some train  schedules. She'd used the computer last night so she recalled the browser history to get the train schedule she looked at yesterday. She wasn't happy that Mark was looking at 'Super Sluts 4 Gangbang' Pictures and a Movie. She got really mad and told Mark that she really wasn't into guys who were perverts and stormed out.

Mark was really pissed and found Jason. Jason was sleeping and was a bit out of (he drank a lot of beer earlier) it. He remembered Mark screaming and telling him "You'll pay for this", in all sorts of ways. When he woke up the next day around noon, Saturday, Mark was in the living room. Jason remembered Mark screaming about something, so he mumbled a half felt "sorry". Mark offered him a beer he had openned and told him not to worry, everything will work out for the best, and he even had a lead for another sales  position for Jason.

Jason said 'Thanks' and then started to feel real funny and last thing he heard before passing out was Mark saying, "It will all work out for the best".

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Careful who you trick!

Hello all,

I can't resist doing a 'time of year' theme posting with lots of puns, so here it is and I hope you like it.



Hello everyone, I'm Frank and I received this note and some photos on a USB Memory key in my mailbox. It looks to be from my friend Jack who likes dressing as a hot girl (well, really a complete tease) and flirting with guys. Jack ran into some real trouble this time. I'm putting this up on the web per the request in the note and with the warning, careful who you trick.


I woke up and tried to remember what had happened last night at the party, it certainly had to be something new for me since I have never woken up in a coffin before. I had used the excuse of the Halloween party to dress up as Jackie, a vampire slut. Usually, I was just Jackie, a slut. I looked sooo good in my vampire outfit and I remember looking forward to the party and meeting some hot guys to flirt with and maybe even wrap my plastic fangs around a'stiff stake'.

I found these pictures when I woke up and it jogged my memory about what happened. The people who are helping me adjust to my new 'life' said they'd send a servant with a note and the pictures to someone I know. So Frank, if you get this, please post this as a warning about being careful who you trick.

I don't think you want to find me Frank, I have hungers now that drive me completely and I'd probably feast on you in a second. In fact, thinking about it is making wonder just how tasty you could be.

Jackie, formally Jack


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Friday, October 22, 2010

Show me the money

Dave had gotten a new sales job, a great new sales job. It was for a lot more money and it was on the opposite coast. He decided that he was going to get a complete fresh start on the other coast. His phone call to his girlfriend probably could have gone better, he was a little blunt about his making a fresh start (without her) at his new job to his girlfriend Suki. She seemed to understand, saying she understood his desire to make more money and how it he believed it was a good career change. Suki wasn't all that happy about being 'dumped', but she seemed to perk up at the end of the call.

She had invited him to a Halloween party to show him their was no 'bad' feelings, and would help him pick out a costume that would be very appropriate for the party. Suki was a bit kinky (well, a lot really, but Dave liked most of it), and she hung out with a strange crowd of Wicca followers and even stranger geek types working on things they couldn't or wouldn't talk about. Dave was a simple guy, show him the money and he worked to please his customer with the sale. Suki had said that she wanted their last night together to be a good one, so she made him promise not to flirt with anyone at the party. She told him that she would penalize him if he flirted during this last date. He promised and laughed to himself as he though "what could she do anyway".

Suki sent over the attached pics of Dave's party experience and the start of his new job.

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Oops, forgot to post password to the Quiz

Sorry, forgot to include the password to the quiz.

The password is: femme

Have Fun,
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm coming back

Hello all

Sorry I'm been so busy, work has taken all my time and I neglected this blog. Anyway I found this quiz site and took one. It nice to be tested, certified as what I aways though I was.


JackieFucher's Result: SLUT
on quiz: What type of pussy are you?
You're an absolute Slut--congratulations!  You're 100% pussy; no one loves to be fucked more than you.  You're cock-hungry and everyone knows it.  Every move you make broadcasts your unmistakable desire to be fucked.

There's no reason to be ashamed, though, because you're in good company here.  Welcome home, sweetie!

Quiz MakerTake this quiz & get your result
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Friday, May 7, 2010

Slob to Slut

Dave was living with his girlfriend and didn't have (or want) a job. He also tended to treat his girlfriend like crap, being a complete slob and never being appreciative of her. Dave and Barb had a big fight the night before, he told her she never was good in bed, she should be more of a slut in bed, like real women are. Things got worse from there, she let to go to a girlfriends to cool down and Dave watched the game. Barb came back later and offered Dave some wine she got from her girlfriend as a makeup offering. Dave thought, great, some wine and then some fantastic fucking afterward. She smiled as he drank the wine and invited him to the spare room, where they had wild sex sometimes with the 'toys' in the room. As Dave got to the room, he felt very sleepy, and Barb helped him into bed and said she'd talk tommorrow. Some very strange dreams started as Dave fell into a deep sleep. The last though he had was that the wine must had been strong from that witch friend's of Barb's.


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Friday, April 30, 2010

Sorry Everyone

Sorry Everyone!

I've been a bad little slut and not posted here for a long time. I promise to start posting again, sorry. To much to do and too few hours in the day, all that sort of thing. I need play time now and an outlet for my nasty thoughts that have been accumulating over the last few weeks. Expect more slutty thoughts and captions next week.


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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm Waiting Daddy

Hi Daddy,

Your little girl is lonely here at home waiting for you. I can't wait till you get home, please get home REAL soon. I've attached some pictures with my message to show how much I thinking of you and want you home with me. Please get done with work soon and get home to me.

Kisses to you Daddy,
from your loving girl Jackie.

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