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The dreams, thoughts and lustful addictions of a Slutty TV. This is where my kinky, lusty thoughts will be made into text and captioned images that I hope others of a like mind will enjoy.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Guess it's new PC time

Hi all, PC lost it's hard drive last week and me, almost my mind. All my stuff was backed up but, it still takes time to reload the software and content. Got my eye on a high end Sager Notebook that can easily play Diablo 3.

I should have everything back to normal mid-week.
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Friday, June 15, 2012

Some Posts

Hello everyone, I posted some new 'quick' stuff on the TUMBLR blog. I'll be posting some new stuff here this coming week. I actually got a REQUEST from someone to caption some pics. My first Caption Request.

Have a good weekend all.

Kisses for where it hurts and where kissing feels real good,
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Friday, June 1, 2012

Bruce's Decision

Hello everyone, I know it’s been a while since a caption post. But, work has 'calmed down' for now and I have some time for 'play' again.  So in this post let us examine what's happened to Bruce today and what decision he’s made.


Bruce was asked NOT to return to work tomorrow and take a vacation. He didn't really need to work; the sum of money his parents had left him in the will would support a lavish lifestyle. Bruce had just continued to work for something to do and have contact with his friends. However about a year ago he had discovered Shemale porn on the internet and soon after, feminization hypno videos and mp3s. He'd downloaded a lot of it and had been watching the feminization videos every night and put the mp3s on his iPhone to listen to at work. He didn't think he'd changed at all.  His hair was shoulder length, he shaved, well everywhere and wore clear polish on his fingernails (and some pink on his toes). People at work had started to get distant over the last couple of months. Surely, the hormones he got from Mexico didn't have any outward visible changes. OK, he did cry a little a few weeks ago, when he heard about how Susan's puppy's paw got hurt and had to go the vet. His nipples had gotten a little puffy and real sensitive, the ace bandage under the halter top, I'm mean, t-shirt hid that. He didn't think anyone noticed the blouses, shirts that is, buttoned on the other side or how the tight jeans were size 6 and not like a waist size 28. He made sure there were no panty, errh, underline lines with the thongs and garter belts.

But there were a few changes, like how when he looked girls he wondered where they got that flirty top and cute micro skirt with those hot shoes and sometimes those thigh high boots made him want to squeal with desire (OK lots of changes). He didn't think about sex with them, he wanted to talk about outfits, shoes and where they went clubbing. But, he had started noticing guys, not like before where he looked at their outfits, errh, clothes. He was looking at those cute butts under those fitted suit pants and those intriguing bulges in the front. His clitty, cock that is, his cock would get 'twitching' at these sight now. That's what caused the problem, he's sure. He'd had problem concentrating at work lately with all the thinking and difficult math he had to do as an analyst. It surely wasn't those videos he watched every night for hours or the mp3s whispering to him for hours about being a good Shemale bimbo cock whore as a true calling in life really did anything. He didn't really remember standing at the window daydreaming, watching the sweaty workMEN in their white t-shirts and jeans. He definitely didn't hear the giggling from the 'girls' in the office as he was pitching and twisting his hard nipples and rubbing his clitty through his tight jeans with a quiet moan.

The loud AHEM from the office manager snapped him from the daydream and he was asked to visit HR to discuss his behavior. As he left the floor for HR, some of the girls whispered they thought the guys outside were hot too. He was a bit confused whether to like they agreed or to be ashamed, he decided to like it.

At HR the director told him to take his vacation time, and seek counseling. They would review his status after the vacation and talking with the counselor. He left for home after picking up a couple of things from his desk and his cute Victoria Secret ‘Pink’ jacket.

That's where we pick up the story with pictures. When he got home, he decided to make it a normal evening; he'd change into his comfortable clothes and watch his videos. Listening to the mp3s on the hour drive home relaxed him plus made him look forward to reaching home.


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Friday, May 25, 2012

Sorry, the blog at annamalicesissy.blogspot.com has been removed.

That's the message I now see for the site. Does anyone know what happened?
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Profile Problem

My Profile Pic/Description is messed up due to clicking on a 'Merge with Google +'. Hopefully I be able to get it all straightened out next week.

Till then, be safe,
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Always keep spares

What to hell do you mean, the batteries are all dead and we don’t have anymore!?!? You better leave me tied up cause I’ll kick your ass otherwise, I still haven’t cum dammit!!!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Coming out of Hibernation

The workload at the job is finally starting to let up and this blog plus one I created on Tumblr (Jackie's Tumblr Blog) will start getting new posts and captions in June. Sorry for the lengthy hiatus, but starting a company on the current times has taken a lot of effort.

Kisses to you all and hope you're well,

How I wish I spent my time away!!! Oh all the creamy cum, yum.
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