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Friday, January 15, 2010

Tastes Great

This caption set is about something I like in many ways. I like sucking cock, I have since I first had the experience in High School. A somewhat stereotype locker room experience, except with geeks rather than jocks. I happen to glance at a friend in the shower, a thin artist type, whose dick was huge. He saw me noticing and smiled, and then asked if I liked what I saw. I stammered out something and his hand touched my shoulder and I was put at face level with the massive man meat by a gentle pressure. I don't remember even hesitating, just starting to lick and then letting it enter my mouth.

I didn't get to finish with a creamy reward right then, we were both afraid of getting caught. We met later to finish and talk about our 'urges'. The experience taught me I was Bi and liked submitting to give others pleasure. I've led a closeted life and discovered the details of my urges since then. The key was when I saw a picture of a shemale in college, but that's another story.

My final thought to ponder, why women complain about the taste of cum, I've had a chance to compare many 'vintages' and I find the general taste to be quite pleasant and desirable? Ah well, everyone to their own desires.

Kisses and gropes,

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1 comment:

  1. Great post, sweetie! And I totally agree about the taste of cum. I personally don't get the reluctance. I mean, what's better than a hot, sticky load of man juice? My motto is to never waste a drop!

    Kisses, crissi