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Friday, January 22, 2010

BEWARE the B1NM1 Virus


The B1NM1 virus has accidentally been released from Bimbo Enterprises (BE), Inc., the company that brings good things to life and is sorry they get lose sometimes and stomp the city to rubble or cause some other small problem.

The released virus is Bimbo1, No Mind1 (B1NM1) which causes a transformation of a male or female victim into a voluptuous female whose IQ is lowered significantly. The change causes an greatly increased sex urge so the victim starts exhibiting 'slutty' behaviors, such as wearing of brief, revealing clothes, exposure of of body areas to entice partners for sexual intercourse and they may giggle a lot. There are several other symptoms which are shown in the attached pictures.

Persons should avoid contact with infected persons. Having close contact (i.e., sex especially) only spreads the virus further. Please visit a BE Clinic as soon as possible to get vaccinated against this latest problem. If you contract the virus, there is no current cure. After 2 weeks you will no longer be infectious, however you will be a 'bimbo' woman for the rest of your life. Be warned.

Thank you.

(If you are near an infected person and have been vaccinated, please read this notice to them, most either can't concentrate long enough without masturbating to read it or many no longer remember how to read or care).

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