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Friday, October 22, 2010

Show me the money

Dave had gotten a new sales job, a great new sales job. It was for a lot more money and it was on the opposite coast. He decided that he was going to get a complete fresh start on the other coast. His phone call to his girlfriend probably could have gone better, he was a little blunt about his making a fresh start (without her) at his new job to his girlfriend Suki. She seemed to understand, saying she understood his desire to make more money and how it he believed it was a good career change. Suki wasn't all that happy about being 'dumped', but she seemed to perk up at the end of the call.

She had invited him to a Halloween party to show him their was no 'bad' feelings, and would help him pick out a costume that would be very appropriate for the party. Suki was a bit kinky (well, a lot really, but Dave liked most of it), and she hung out with a strange crowd of Wicca followers and even stranger geek types working on things they couldn't or wouldn't talk about. Dave was a simple guy, show him the money and he worked to please his customer with the sale. Suki had said that she wanted their last night together to be a good one, so she made him promise not to flirt with anyone at the party. She told him that she would penalize him if he flirted during this last date. He promised and laughed to himself as he though "what could she do anyway".

Suki sent over the attached pics of Dave's party experience and the start of his new job.

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